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I had same question.  Although somewhat daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be.  After researching, the biggest issues for me were potential compatability of components from multiple vendors and lack of readily available signaling equipment using LEDs to indicate turnout status.  (I guess long-timers make their own). 

Ultimately went to Tam Valley web site (   They have complete system of servos, actuators, wires and very neat push buttons with LEDs that can be mounted on a panel with supplied fascia mounting gaskets.  A complete system!  Very neat and straight forward to install.  Can even add DCC Cab control as option to manual buttons.    

Site is not the easiest to navigate but with perseverance you ought to be able to find what you need.  Pay attention to bundled items to save money.  
Duncan McCree at Tam Valley is very helpful.  “de.mcree@...”

I ordered everything I needed from Rick at “dccinstallssales@...”.   Great guy to work with; tell him Bill Demarest referred you and you should get great pricing (you’ll save over buying direct).  

FYI, for compatability and simplicity I also went with Tam Valley’s “Hexjuicer” to handle up to 3 autoreverse segments and circuit breaker needs.  Again, Duncan can answer questions and Rick will get you everything you need.   Say “Hi” to both for me.  

Best of luck,
Bill Demarest

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How do i wire turnout switches and motors and add direction signal led lights

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