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Allen. I just looked at your link. Great. Very nicely done. The problem I see is that people are waiting for PECO to send Unifrogs to the U.S. and that the wait is taking a very long time. And if they start with Only code 100, those of us with code 83 will be waiting longer. (and what about the frog number? #6 first? #5 most popular) And Rick, who started this thread, is only one of many. PECO seems to be a little vague about when they will be supplying all this, so we can only wait and see! My only comment is that I used Insulfrogs and did not fasten them down - did no wiring - and just finger throw/or rod throw. No electrical connections at all. And they work fine. But when using machines or lights or frog feed, you should use electrofrog. But I was too lazy to wire or fuss with the turnouts. This is not to say my way is best. It's just that I practice the K.I.S.S. principal. And when the Unifrogs get here, I suspect they will be even better. And thanks to Allen for this fantastic thread that is a boon to DCC.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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