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Mike Hoggard

I did not know that Peco were going to produce a Unifrog turnout and I am not sure what it will do. I.m guessing that it will be a turnout that makes both legs live. You can do this very simply by using a small spring that Hornby make. One in each exit leg of the turnout overrides the isolating character of the standard Peco or Hornby turnout so that both legs are live. It,s easy and you can change your mind without lifting the turnout. .The part number is R8232 DCC Electro point clips. Pack of 20. They cost £7.20 a pack which is outrages but i suppose that 72 pence a point is not too bad.
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Did you try Ebay?

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Since posting my question I found a timeline at the DCCWiki site.  Rollout continues to be slow.

When I built my railroad over 20 years ago I primarily used Peco HO code 100 electrofrog turnouts, making them DCC friendly and powering the frogs.  I am now going to finish some areas that were passed over including laying the track for the steel mill.  I have to make a decision on what to use.

This area won't be as accessible for wiring as the mainline and I was thinking of using insulfrog or unifrog turnouts.  If I decide on the unifrog I need to wait until they are available and if I decide on the insulfrog (or electrofrog) I need to get them while they are still available.  I do have a mining area where I installed some Atlas customline turnouts and I intend to run the switchers there to see how they behave since I have no Peco insulfrog turnouts to experiment with.  

Can anyone give me feedback on the operating differences of the Atlas and Peco DCC ready turnouts?

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