Re: Dual Mode? DCC/DC


Most newer decoders will work with just DC current with no problems. Most manufacturers will state if it will work both ways so check when you purchase. them. 

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I am sorry if this has been asked before, or if this question should go elsewhere.
I currently operate DC, mainly because of the number of locomotives that will need work.  I do have a few locomotives that are DCC Ready.
A club I am joining is DCC.  I am thinking I would like to equip one or two of my DCC Ready locomotives with decoders, so they can run at the club.  However, I would also like to use them also at home on my DC layout.

I have heard something about dual mode decoders that can automatically determine whether DC or DCC is available.  If these do what I think they do, are available, and not too too expensive, I am inclined towards this solution.

Are there negatives to this approach, and.or recommended methods?

Thank you.

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