Re: Resistance Leak from Fast Track turnouts

J. Frank Ervin

Hi Gary, I'm Frank Ervin and like you never heard of "resistance leak".  Also, I am a die hard customer of FAST-TRACKS for years. Terry Firth, cust. serv. and production
manager would love to see the messages about this subject and asked if I could email these to him in Canada. I'm not a computer guru, don't have the time or patience
(late 80's )  to get a PhD in computer science. I don't do FACEBOOK or  TWEET.  SOooooo, can you please guide me through the process of  emailing my friend this info?
Terry mentioned sending an email with an attachment. BUttttttt,  I see no icon for email !!!! 

No.2  What is a PREMIUM ACCOUNT?  What is the benefit?  Lastly, how much will it cost?

Thanking you in advance for any assistance rendered. I am  forever in your debt SIR.
 Please remember our patriots serving & protecting this country for our grandchildren. ALL GAVE SOME;  SOME GAVE ALL,

Frank Ervin

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