Re: Resistance Leak from Fast Track turnouts

Richard Sutcliffe

I didn’t think Fast Tracks supplied double sided ties.
Our club used double sided for a short while years ago. We had considerable leakage between the top and bottom after we ballasted.
We then slotted the bottom below the top - a little better.
Then we slotted just below the rails - a little better still.
Then used a soldering iron to heat and peel the foil from the bottom of the ties - problem solved.
Hope you haven’t got your turnouts glued down.

On Feb 4, 2020, at 1:22 PM, Paul O <pomilian@...> wrote:

Brent, Chris is probably correct about the flux.
The problem is a path from the top copper of one rail to the bottom copper of the tie strip and back to the other isolated top copper.
I always cut gaps on the bottom side of the ties to avoid that problem in the future from ballast or anything else after installation.

Paul O
On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 03:58:19 PM EST, Chris Elliott via Groups.Io <cpelliott100@...> wrote:

Had the same issue, for me it was flux residue. Had to give them a bubble bath to get ride of the residue. 

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