Re: Resistance Leak from Fast Track turnouts

Brent Johnson

I have not done any ballasting. I am intrigued by the flux issue. I had one turnout that was bad enough even after cutting gaps on the back of the ties I ended up giving up. I will try “bathing” the turnouts from now on. The current turnout that prompted this issue is a curved one that I built specifically for this location and not using a Fast Tracks gig, although I used the same construction technique. I would prefer not to have to tear it out so I will try to clean it in place the best I can and see if that resolves it.


On Feb 4, 2020, at 4:22 PM, Paul O <pomilian@...> wrote:

Brent, Chris is probably correct about the flux.
The problem is a path from the top copper of one rail to the bottom copper of the tie strip and back to the other isolated top copper.
I always cut gaps on the bottom side of the ties to avoid that problem in the future from ballast or anything else after installation.

Paul O
On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 03:58:19 PM EST, Chris Elliott via Groups.Io <cpelliott100@...> wrote:

Had the same issue, for me it was flux residue. Had to give them a bubble bath to get ride of the residue. 

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On 5 Feb 2020, at 06:28, Brent Johnson via Groups.Io <Brntjh@...> wrote:

I recently started wiring my first section of a large layout and am using a short detection beeper, built like the one described on the wiringforDCC website.  I noticed a couple times the beeper reacting as I attached feeders located near some turnouts.  I checked the track with my ohm meter and am detecting a small amount of resistance between opposite rails stemming from some of my Fast Track turnouts.  I have double and triple checked my isolation cuts on the frog and printed circuit board ties and everything appears ok.  When hooked up to the NCE DCC system, everything appears to work ok. 

My question is, shouldn't there be zero resistance between two opposite rails?  Secondly, could this pose any issues down the road?  

Brent Johnson

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