Re: Resistance Leak from Fast Track turnouts

Steve Haas


>>>> I recently started wiring my first section of a large layout and am using a short detection beeper, built like the one described on the wiringforDCC website.  I noticed a couple times the beeper reacting as I attached feeders located near some turnouts.  I checked the track with my ohm meter and am detecting a small amount of resistance between opposite rails stemming from some of my Fast Track turnouts.  I have double and triple checked my isolation cuts on the frog and printed circuit board ties and everything appears ok.  When hooked up to the NCE DCC system, everything appears to work ok.  <<<<

>>>> My question is, shouldn't there be zero resistance between two opposite rails?  Secondly, could this pose any issues down the road? <<<<


There should be _infinite_ resistance between opposite rails, as they are (hopefully) isolated from each other.   If you have less than infinite resistance, you have some leakage between the two rails.  Have you ballasted this area recently using water/glues/alcohols ???? Residual moisture from this application could create a high resistance path between rails of alternate polarity.



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