Auto Reverser Problem

John Cahill

I hesitate to raise this issue again as it seems to have caused some difficulties and changes in direction previously, but I will encroach on your patience again and see if somebody can help unravel my conundrum as to where I should best create auto reversing section breaks. There are two Wyes joining in a new through station on my layout.  I have opened a folder and uploaded some 4 files which I hope might illustrate the track plan and, with luck, prompt some illumination on my problem.  Due to physical constraints, the usual approach to having an AR in one leg of the Wye is not possible in that they would not be long enough to allow a full train length to enter.  Perhaps there is an approach that I can't see from being to close to the problem.  So if you have any suggestions as to how to address this issue, I'd be grateful. The Folder is titled 'PSX-AR Problem'.
Thanks in advance,

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