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Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Mark Gurries is correct in this but I am not sure I got his Other Meaning....In that it won't work all the time, under all conditions.
Could be this is why or as I have learned to say WYE.
A funny thing happened on the way down from the Main Track and further onward to the Turntable and Roundhouse.
(Adding photos to this forum seems to be defunct so bear with me.)
I found I couldn't get there from here ...with anything much longer than a SD-90 Diesel.
N Scale Steam ? Good Luck with that !
Too many Slopes, inclines and switches for the likes of even a 2-8-8-2 to traverse. Bad enough over a #6 but It really brought out the issues in a #4.
This epiphany came after constructing 64 --- 18" x 24" modules....
Then it arrived one day...
in DCC with Sound.
A Hallmark 2-10-4 and it rocked my world.
I began to reconstruct my railroad around it.
Here's the thing...It's not just the size or length of your trucks.
It's the length of your electrified drivers and don't forget the freaking tender two ! 
Can you get the full length of your drivers through each and every turnout on your layout without shorting (or frying) your LokSound Decoder ?
Nor causing the sound chip to weaken with every pass over the frog as in reset ?
And learn all over again with longer articulated or not locomotives such as a Cab Forwards. Some Cab Forwards don't articulate too well and then to be stiff along their longitudinal axis.
For now at least....Just how many turnouts are on my in progress layout to fit in an 26 feet by 24 foot room ?
Yes Boys and Girls...That's Feet not inches.
At first...?
I am still working on the four corners with a radius of 28 to 71 inches and setting out the general topography.
The topography alone to depict Northern California when it was all prone to flooding is a daunting task on it's own.
However...back to the drawing board.
I have hand constructed #10's and #12's, along with testing Peco #8's and Atlas #10's while also reworking Kato #6's into #9's and larger.
I have yet to construct a #15 High Speed Rail Crossing which might be my next trick before proceeding.
I am also experimenting with operating them via a servo for an ESU ECoS with Detector electronics as well.
Do I know what I am doing for sure and for certain.....?
I have gone way back to the very basics.
See Forrest Gump and his friend Sheldon Cooper at six years with trains....
I just want to see a Train go round and round...Not glitch, nor decouple with never a decoder reset.
I am getting too old to crawl around on top or under my layout like some 6 year old with his first layout.
To me for now...Switches are like the Electric Arming Switches on our Torpedoes at Midway.
Get them right or pull out and I mean every damn last one of them !
:)) Mark

Stockton Normal Articulated Freight and Urban (SNAFU)
Freight and Urban Basic Articulated Railway (FUBAR)

People on these forums tend to hint at a perfect and wonderful experience with their wannabe layouts as in Model Railroading is Fun.
Get Real !
Kind of reminds me of many a model railroading layout ...Lots and Lots of money yet never completed.

Run a Zig Zag Pattern commander....
But Sir....
There are no Japanese Submarines on my layout.
My layout plan for now.....
Just one big square-oval with wide curves in all four corners....
No Glitches, No Ditches No Uncle Sam. (I don't use NMRA Specifications)

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