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Jim Zarnick

I haven’t read the whole thread but have you looked at JMRI and running your layout from software on a laptop?  JMRI is free and will connect to you DCC controller through a USB port.

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Thanks Mark,
I'm seriously considering the ECoS. I really like being able to to see the picture of the engine I'm wanting to to control on the display in front of me.
The thing I question though, is it more system than I need for my small layout. My layout is only 8×13 and no room for growth beyond that.
I went to the train show last week, saw a layout bigger than mine running on Digitrax WiFi using cellphones for controllers. Really like that. I have four old cellphones I can put to use and it will save me from buying throttles.
So many options to consider..

Pete - Bellevue(Eastgate), Wa

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