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John Cahill

Thanks for your inputs, Wouter, and your efforts to improve my lot here! Nobody so far has been able to offer anything different! 

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On 23 Jan 2020, at 13:09, whmvd <vandoornw@...> wrote:


Glad to hear I didn't see the diagram correctly and that bottom switch isn't part of the plan (that would have caused mayhem). Otherwise, I can't see alternative gapping that improves on what you have, given the track layout. If that double slip had been just a crissing, there would have been something to gain there, but not as it is. And although there are alternatives that allow longer trains to pass, they would all (as far as I could figure out) cause operational difficulties needing to keep trakcs clear of other trains that would not make sense to anyone unaware of the presence of ARs. It would look silly.

No - sorry, I've nothing more to add I'm afraid. Hope somebody else has!

On Thu, 23 Jan 2020 at 01:35, John Cahill <johncahill25@...> wrote:
Indeed it is a puzzle and took a lot of figuring out how to get so many options running in the physical space available but it does run and is only the AR bit still to be finally figured out. 
So to answer your questions: 
There is a switch numbered 63 in the middle of the AR Low Level, but the one at the very bottom right (59) is not included;
The crossing in the middle is a double slip powered by two Tortoises which also switch the frogs. These are numbered 54 & 55 (you have to really blow up the diagram to see these numbers).

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On 22 Jan 2020, at 13:59, whmvd <vandoornw@...> wrote:


That's a real puzzle. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it, to be honest. Two questions first:
1) On the high level wye, but not on the low-level one, the switch at the bottom end of the right leg seems to be part of the AR section. Is that so (I hope not!)?
2) On the "AR low level-1" picture, there's a crossing almost exactly in the middle. Is that a simple crossing, or one that switches?

Either way, it is a difficult one!

On Wed, 22 Jan 2020 at 01:35, John Cahill <johncahill25@...> wrote:
OK Wouter, I've opened a file called "PSx-AR Problem" and added 4 files showing a large part of the track plan and blow-ups of the two Wyes which sit virtually one above the other.  The drawing was done in AnyRail6 and pasted into Word as screenshots, so I hope you can read them. 

As to what locos run on the layout, a mixture of all they types you describe by Fleischmann, Roco, Piko, Marklin/Hamo and Rivarossi, mixed steam and diesel and all with various wheel and pick-up/power transmission arrangements.  Coaches are all fitted with lights, pick ups on opposite ends and feeding a flicker-free capacitor through a rectifier into LED Striplights.

Any feedback or questions welcome!

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