Re: PSX-AR Installation Query

John Cahill

OK Wouter, I've opened a file called "PSx-AR Problem" and added 4 files showing a large part of the track plan and blow-ups of the two Wyes which sit virtually one above the other.  The drawing was done in AnyRail6 and pasted into Word as screenshots, so I hope you can read them. 

As to what locos run on the layout, a mixture of all they types you describe by Fleischmann, Roco, Piko, Marklin/Hamo and Rivarossi, mixed steam and diesel and all with various wheel and pick-up/power transmission arrangements.  Coaches are all fitted with lights, pick ups on opposite ends and feeding a flicker-free capacitor through a rectifier into LED Striplights.

Any feedback or questions welcome!

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