PSX-AR Installation Query

John Cahill

I have been adding a large extension to my layout (DCC HO) which sits between what were independent and unconnected High level and Low level loops with great each having a station and fiddle yard. I have created two Wyes, one above the other and both double track, with a very complex point system to allow any train from the new section cross onto any track on both levels of the original layout. However complex pointwork takes a lot of space and I now find I am constrained by one of the stipulations regarding auto-reversers in tray the AR section should be longer than the longest train. 

one one end of the new module, a long length of track leads into the Wye so no problem with that side. However on the second level Wye, there simply isn’t enough length to achieve a satisfactory length. Then, reading the PSX-AR Instructions hoping for inspiration I read on p.7 Section E Notes, that it is possible to use a short length of track provided one cuts ADDITIONAL gaps inside the AR gaps longer than any bogies which would be used on this AR section. My problem is that it doesn’t say (that I can see) how to wire these new sections. I would be grateful if anyone can illuminate my darkness in this as I don’t see another solution to my space constraints. 

Thanks in advance 
John Cahill 

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