Re: Converting to DCC

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Good Luck in being able to do it "right the first time."
I did not.... Maybe.
I have owned at least 8 different DCC Control Systems, before eventually landing on the ESU ECoS; as the chosen one.
This is not to say I have bad things to say about Digitrax, NCE, MRC or even Bachmann....Just my requirements of eventually running two large layout Systems; through many rooms throughout my house and connecting both - via a Central Bridge (Operational) between them.
Actually there are various features of all the systems I particularly like....
With that said and not wanting to start a Political nor Religious Debate....
> Just a Heads Up...
Before making a final decision, I simply suggest viewing this video.
With that said and viewed
Here are a few more debatable concerns.....
1. Clean Track !!!
which means a Clean Room.
My last house has a Basement...and Attic where I had planned to run N Scale in the Basement and HO in the Attic...Oops!
The Attic is too hot in the Summer and the Basement has too much humidity.
Warped and a near need to constantly clean the track HAD been an issue till I bought a different house just over a year ago..
2. DCC Resets and Glitches between the Controller and Decoder....
I now believe in soldering nearly everything with a further second conductivity system of drop down leads to a Central Buss.
Part of this also includes....ESU LokSound Decoders to a paired ESU Matched Controller.
>>> Sorry, not sure how to explain this...but I have decoders which respond and act very differently between even my Digitrax Chief and Digitrax Zypher.
Someone may contradict what I just said...and say they have never experienced such a phenomenon....
However, just this past week I sold one of my favorite HO Scale Models for it contrains the Paragon Sound Systems which though they may even be ESU or ? = I have witnessed such Paragon Systems not working well with my ECoS but working perfectly well with my MRC DCC Systems.
========>. Once I decided on my primary DCC System....
IF !?!?!  a Decoder any Decoder even an ESU Decoder, doesn't want to get along with my ECoS ....Poor Decoder....I sell it or trade it away.
There are simply too many distractions into this Century which I simply do not need.
:)) Mark

PS..It Is very easy to control Four Separate DCC Controlled Locomotives with sound with one ECoS (Dual Controls) and two wireless controllers.

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