Re: Converting to DCC


I recommend a system that can connect to JMRI. (See page to see list of systems)
JMRI lets you connect to any smart phone to use as wireless throttle, either android or Apple. So each operator can use his phone as a throttle. The limit is about 8, depending on your wi-fi router capacity. (And most folks have an old phone to use. Just need wi-fi to log on to network.)
Once you connect to JMRI, the actual hardware fades into the background.

Our club runs both DC and DCC on the layout. The main difference is we no longer need 'kill' switches for each siding to isolate a Lok we want to stay put. DCC does that for us.
Also, with DCC there are auto-reverse options, either as booster connection or stand-alone modules. No more DPDT reverser toggles switches!
You do need to completely isolate any power districts, isolating both rails. (No more universal common.)
Also, it is recommended you use at lease one booster, even if you use only one. That protects your DCC system from shorts, zaps, etc. Fry the booster, not the more expensive DCC system.
Good luck!
The Digitrax wiring diagrams are pretty good for getting the DCC wiring options, even if you do not use Digitrax.

DeSoto, TX

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