Re: Converting to DCC

Mark Gurries

What do I need to change to convert to DCC?

I'm considering using the NCE wireless system.
I want to be able to have 4 trains running at the same time.
I want to be able to have more train addressed and ready to swap in from the parking yard below my layout connected via a long perimeter ramp.
Hmm, What else do you need to know?
What scale are you running?

How many people (Engineers) will be running trains? This is not the same as how many trains you run.

How many running engines per train?

The room suggest one could use a NCE PowerCab to start. You can add the same wireless system to it.

If you determine you actually need more power, then you can expand with the SB5 booster. This has many benefits over the PowerPro.

Although one person can run multiple trains, the problems show up when there is a problem with a train. Why? Each Engineer only actively control of one train at any given time. The others will run without an engineer but someone will have to select the engine of the problematic train to regain control giving up control of the train they currently are running.

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