Re: DCC Specialties- Hare and Wabbit

Kevin Hannan

  The stall type controllers will not work with servos.  Servos are controlled by a repeating timed pulse which tells the servo what specific position to move to and hold.  A tortoise (stall motor) just moves to either end until it can’t move anymore, then just stops.

  You will need a controller that can produce the timing signal rather than just apply power and change the polarity.

Kevin P. Hannan
Marietta, GA

On Jan 14, 2020, at 8:49 AM, Scott H. Haycock <shhaycock@...> wrote:

I'm dismantling a too-large layout project that used these stationary decoders to control Tortoise switch motors in a hidden staging yard. I'm planning a much smaller, and simpler layout, and want to use servos to control the fewer number of turnouts.

My question is: Has anyone come up with a way (possibly an interface circuit) to control servos with these decoders? My reason for wanting to use them is some the auxiliary features these decoders provide.

Scott Haycock

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