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I am breaking my layout into two districts. 
There is two question that actually never gets answered or if it does they don't use my lingo, or it just flies over my pee wee brain. Here goes the question. If you break your layout into districts do you need to run a separate buss wire for that district? 


Buss wire = 2 wires, one for each rail.

You will need to install insulated rail joiners (gaps) in both rail to electrically separate the two power districts from each other.

If you have a loop of track, there will be two locations where you break both rails.

I am using a NCE starter set with the power cab. It puts out two amps max. 

The need for power districts comes down to how many trains you will be running at the same time or will you have more than one engineer running trains at the same time on the same layout.

If you are the only operator of the layout, Power Districts do not make much dollars and sense to implement.  What are you gaining or saving?

However there is only one slot to tie in your buss wire. So the second question would be (if the answer is yes, you need another buss for another district) where does the other buss wire get tied inn. 

You cannot properly implement a power district unless you have some kind of DCC circuit breaker.

The goal of the DCC circuit breaker is to shutdown a section of track power if it detects a short without shutting down your DCC system (powering the rest of the layout)

A DCC circuit breaker takes your DCC system track output power and breaks it up into Power Districts.

+—> DCC circuit Breaker #1 —> Power District 1.
+—> DCC circuit Breaker #2 —> Power District 2.

NCE offers the CP6 as a suitable DCC circuit breaker device for the PowerCab.
3rd party wise, you can also buy the PSX Circuit breaker and set it up specifically for the PowerCab.

The information on the CP6 can be found here:

To buy one go here:

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