Indicators for turnout position

Nick Ostrosky

I scanned the materials on the site but either it isn't covered or I'm too dense to interpret what I'm reading and apply it as needed.  NCE system using five Tortoise machines with the built-in decoder, powered off the track bus.  I was hoping to wire up fascia indicators using Walthers Layout Control System Dual LED Fascia Turnout Controller part #942-121, connecting to pins 5-7 on the Tortoise - the quick connect cable seemed to make this a simple process and would give me the option of push button control in addition to cab control.  After reading the available materials I understand this would not give me push button control, but I would expect to at least see the indicators light for position.  No matter how I connect the wires I get nothing.  What am I missing, and would Walthers Two Color LED Fascia Indicator part #942-151 be the more workable option?

What I'm trying to avoid is having to buy a bunch of separate components - LEDs, resistors, connectors, etc.  Looking for more of a plug-and-play option, with push button control nice to have but certainly not necessary for a one-or-two operator layout.  Thanks!

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