Re: Powering Points

Perry A Pollino

In addition the .032 wire I also add the brass tube. In some cases my Tortoise is 2" below the turnout.  The three turnouts were in my staging and the first ones I installed. I did not occur to me until I crawled under the layout to see if I could drill and add a feeder wire for the points. I had honestly thought I had changed them all out. I am not sure if the tortoise remote machines will give me a problem. I have about 6 of those. 
Since I do not have a LHS I typically by all my hobby needs on line. Yes I have had trouble finding the .032 wire in stock anyhow. I stocked up when I did find it. Amazon usually has a vendor. I am almost out.

On Monday, December 16, 2019, 07:20:30 AM CST, Greg Harter <greg1462@...> wrote:

Our club changes out all the .025" wire with .032' wire.  makes a big difference.Getting harder to find this stuff!!!!!!

Greg Harter

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