Re: Powering Points

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And in all fairness and honesty, that's all I was trying help with. In my experience, the usually problem with contact between point and closure is "clean". And that is why Went Off Topic! I was not trying to hijack the thread nor to rehash old stuff. I personally don't like wiring. With the Insulfrog, I don't need to. With the PECO snap action, that is usually enough to keep electricity flowing. IF CLEAN. So if one chooses to remove the snap, then they must find a solution. And the solutions I've ever seen for Electrofrog is with wiring. I don't wire turnouts, and with the web site for "wirefordcc" having several excellent wiring instructions. So please forgive me if I stepped on someones toes = Causing a rehash on what to clean with, etc. Also, I find graphite helps with electrical continuity. Again, my apologies!
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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