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With Kerosene, there's the smell. I've used acetone now for over a year. Yes, it's not good on plastic. But I carefully wipe the rails, top and inside edge. And turnout points. CAREFULLY! There's noting inherently wrong with this. It's like anything else in the hobby. Use your common sense and don't do something stupid. And I'm sorry, this is not snake oil. It is what I do and it works for me. The graphite is what keeps the trains running for quite a while before re-coating with graphite. The actual cleaning is not required very often. Assuming you operate fairly often. If you leave a layout unused for weeks, you definitely need to clean. I'm not stepping anyone's toes and am not trying to sell anything. As for the snap: I only mentioned that it does help to keep electrical continuity. If you don't like it because of "slow motion", then remove it. That's your choice. I apologize and respectfully ask you to stop stomping on me. And I also apologize to Allan Gartner if I am being inappropriate. This forum is to help and that's all I'm trying to do.
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