Re: Powering Points

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To start: I use Insulfrogs, and no machines. However, the springs are a great advantage to PECO turnouts. You should have left them in. As for the "snap", that may be more important to you than me. I like a snap. I also like the way the spring helps the point rail keep contact. I do on occasion, when cleaning track=clean the points very carefully. And there is controversy in what I do. I use acetone on a very small brush, keeping it off the ties. Only the rails and the adjoining points. And then, graphite. I also use graphite on all rails. Helps with both continuity/current and seems to make the rolling cars sound better. Seems to smooth the rails some. Be very sparing with the graphite. I rub it on with a brush about 3" and 6" without, and repeat. And running a car or two helps to smooth it over the rails. Similar to what I do with the turnout. move it back and forth a few times, and run a car through it on both sides to smooth the graphite.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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