Re: DCC/DC and Dual Frof Juicer as Auto Reverser.

David McBrayer

Following on your reply and the message posted this morning from Blair & Rasa.

Since your files are not of an image filetype, I suggest you use the procedure I suggested in the ‘Photos’ tab but now in the ‘Files’ tab. Within your named folder under the ‘Files’ tab you may include a mix of image and document filetypes as well as ‘*.zip’ files, should you so choose. Then post to this group a message announcing you have done the above and include a link to the folder that others may benefit.


On Dec 4, 2019, at 05:41, Greg Harter <> wrote:
to David McBrayer; Thanks for your detailed instructions. I don't have photos, only wiring schematics, component lists, and diagrams. The process you described will not allow anything but photos.

What can I do to get this information out to the DCC group?

Thanks in advance!

Greg Harter
Dave McBrayer
Castro Valley, CA

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