Re: Disrict Buss

Daniel Brewer

I would use 12 AWG wire from your NCE Power Panel Track Out to a terminal block with 4 red and 4 black terminals (black in back is how I wire my track, your choice). 14 AWG will work if run is short. I use black and red zip wire from Audiopipe.
Then run 14 AWG wire from the terminal block to each of two circuit breakers (in your case). From the circuit breakers, run 14 AWG wire  to each power district (attached feeders from the track to these wires - I use 22 AWG feeders). That gives you two power districts, each protected by a circuit breaker.
I hope this helps, Dan
Please let me know if anyone thinks I'm bonkers  ;0)

Products I used are below:
I used spade connectors to connect wire to terminal blocks. I used NCE EB1 circuit breakers.

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