Re: Disrict Buss

vincent marino

My brother I use NCE (15amps) and have 6 districts. Each district has its own buss line tied to a circuit breaker.

 I recommend the following: from the NCE command station track connection go directly to a wire splitter which allows you to send a power supply + and neg - to a circuit breaker for each district. Total 2 circuit breakers. 

 From the circuit breaker send your buss line ( + and - use minimum 14ga wire) out for each power district, make sure you allow for several track drops to each district.  

Hope I helped.  

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019, 7:17 PM <ewoodley@...> wrote:
I am breaking my layout into two districts. 
There is two question that actually never gets answered or if it does they don't use my lingo, or it just flies over my pee wee brain. Here goes the question. If you break your layout into districts do you need to run a separate buss wire for that district? 

I am using a NCE starter set with the power cab. It puts out two amps max. However there is only one slot to tie in your buss wire. So the second question would be (if the answer is yes, you need another buss for another district) where does the other buss wire get tied inn. 

My layout is a 10 x 10 with hopes to increase the size. At this point only running two locomotives. 

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