Re: DCC/DC and Dual Frof Juicer as Auto Reverser.

John Heaps

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your reply.

Tam Valley market the Dual Frog Juicer as an auto reverser.  Their documentation says "This board can be configured to use as an automatic polarity reverser for two frogs, a reversing loop, a turntable, a wye, or a crossing."  A jumper is used to connect 2 pins to use as an auto reverser.

I am using 2 Dual Frog Juicers as auto reversers on my home layout and they do a good job. This layout is DCC only and will never be exposed to DC.

I contacted Tam Valley. Their reply was: 

"Many people have used the frog juicers with DCC and DC on a layout and no one has had any units go bad.
So it is safe to do."

As many people have used them on both DCC and DC I thought there may be some on this list who could give me the benefit of their experience.

I know it will not reverse polarity with DC but wondered if it would allow the DC power to pass through as if was not there. Maybe I need a follow up email to Tam Valley.

My young grandson was very disappointed that I could not take my home layout to a exhibition my club held recently. The new layout is being built as a result of that and to some extent is experimental and I'm trying some things I have not done before.


John Heaps,

Vic. Australia.

On 1/12/2019 12:19 pm, wirefordcc wrote:

Hi John,

Have you contacted Tam Valley and asked them?  You are planning to use the Frog Juicer in a layout in a way it wasn't intended.  I don't want to guess and be wrong.

I thought you said you weren't going to use the crossover when using DC.  If Tam Valley says you won't harm their juicer, one thing is for sure, the juicer won't be able to reverse polarity when DC is applied.  A juicer can reverse polarity for DCC because the DCC power signal is a form of AC.

Good luck!

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