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Dale Muir

Hi Vince,


Thanks for the tip. I bought a Klein 11061 wire stripper based on your recommendation. It works great on all wire sizes, solid and stranded. It removes the sheath from multi-strand cable without cutting or nicking the wire inside. I strip the middle of solid 12 and 14 gauge bus wires for soldering track leads. I'm throwing out my old Radio Shack stripper.


This tool is worth every penny.


Dale Muir

Geneva, IL


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Hi Greg:



The wire strip I use is Klein tools 11061 wire stripper.  I use it to strip solid and stranded wire.  It works great on my layout bus wires that are stranded #12 and #14 gauge wire.  I solder all my track drops to the bus wire.

The wire strip does a gread job of stripping the wire in the middle and at the ends.  Small wire gauge I have done are telephone wire and CAT 5e 24/4 which I use for wiring my Tortoise switch machines, signaling etc..  Wire stripper will remove the cover of the CAT 5e wire and expose the 4 pair of wires, which I then remove with the same wire stripper. I remove the individual wire cover, exposing the solid wire for inserting into the wire holes at the end of the tortoise switch machine for soldering,  The other ends go into euro wire terminals.  FYI, I am building a large layout, so I have a lot of wirestripping done and to do.

I appreciate seeing the email question, because it remind me to order two more of the wire spripper on Amazon for $19.97 each, plus taxes. Free shipping with Amazon prime.

It is worth trying.




On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 5:08 PM Greg Smith <gcscls@...> wrote:

I have a number of 'standard' wire strippers to do anything from 8 to 24 size.  However, they are for stripping the end of wires.  Are there wire strippers for taking out just  a section of the sheath so I can add feeders to a long power buss?  I have tried doing it with a pocket knife.  It works but is time consuming and it does scratch/nick the wire.

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