DCC/DC and Dual Frof Juicer as Auto Reverser.

John Heaps


I am building a second N scale layout. My existing permanent layout in a 12m x 6m room is powered by an NCE Powercab.

I'm building a smaller portable layout with my grandson to be powered by DCC++ . I also want to be able to run it with DC.

The layout will be a dogbone style and will have two crossovers between the two tracks, hence creating reverse loops. When running under DC these crossovers won't be used so I only have to worry about reverse loops when running under DCC.

I plan on using Tam Valley Dual Frog Juicers as auto reversers. ( I use these on my permanent layout)

I plan on using a 4PDT mini toggle switch so I can completely isolate the Dual Frog Juicers when running DC.

I contacted Tam Valley who told me many people use Dual Frog Juicers with both DCC and DC, even though they say they don't operate under DC.

My questions.

How have other people wired the layout if using Dual frog Juicers with both DCC and DC ?

Would the contacts on a 4PDT mini toggle switch stand up to the rigour of having an auto reverser operating through them ?


John Heaps,

Victoria Australia.

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