MT N scale motor brush cap soldering

Perry A Pollino

I attempted to do my first N scale decoder install that was not a drop in.
It was a failure.
It is a ESU V5. The first mistake I made was not testing the decoder. so I am not sure if it is my installation or a bad decoder.
I am getting no lights, sound or movement. I have checked for voltage to the decoder with my RR ramp. so pick up is good. I have power to the decoder. Makes me think bad decoder.
However, That is not my reason to write this group.
I tried to solder to the brush cap. I think I may have overheated the cap. I tried high heat fast in an out but, i saw the cap move a bit. hence why I think I may have overheated it.
My question. How to remove a brush cap on Micro trains N scale motor?
If it makes a difference I have the MT FT. I have several I want to do. 

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