Re: wire strippers

Greg Harter

Our club (25 years+) uses solder for track drops and some track joiners.  We have seen a few instances where (unsoldered) track joiners stop conducting electricity.  All other connections on the layout are with 12-wire nylon connectors(between 8-foot tables), Tortoise screw connectors, and of course many suitcase connectors.  The 12 wires conduct electricity for track buss, Tortoise buss, and accessory buss.

We have a large HO layout, four mainlines, two levels connected via a helix, and operate on DC and DCC.  We have DCC detector boards where mainlines are connected which will not permit crossovers to operate if both lines are not on the same current.  Easy to use and we have had no problems with this system, has been in operation for several years.

Greg Harter
Columbus Area Railroad Club
Columbus, Indiana

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