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Thank you, John, that is the information I need; we'll proceed on this basis.  He'll have to address his programming needs elsewise - finds JMRI too confusing. 
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Hi Blair:


Yes, JMRI can handle, but you would have to connect to JMRI separately and with the DCS50 as a command station.


Connect a LocoNet cable from the interface to the computer to the DCS50 and set the JMRI preferences for the DCS50. Then you can set the OpSws, setting the OpSw #2 = “c” last. Once you set the DCS50 to be a Booster you cannot then change other parameters.







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Thanks, John.  I won't put another booster on the Christmas list, then.  Thanks, also, for those opsw pointers.

Would you know if JMRI could be used to manage this config?  I'd like to have as many devices as possible all under one roof, accessed through the throttle network.






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Hi Blair:

Yes, you can do what you suggest.

The DCS50 does function well as a 2.5 Amp Booster; set OpSw #2 = "c". Yes, you can still use the throttle on the DCS50.

For interfacing with a PM42 you can set the DCS50 to 1/2 second shutdown so the PM42 will trip first; set OpSw #18 = "c".

When set as a Booster the programming function of the DCS50 is turned off.

Hope this helps.

John Wallis

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Subject: [w4dccqa] Efficient utilization of aged equipment (Digitrax Specific)

As my RR grows, I find I have need for more booster current than I get from my single DCS100.  The expansion plan moves to three boosters (counting the DCS100), plus a location for a fourth.  That fourth one is the focus of this email.  While it logically is one booster due to location, I could as easily break it's function into two lower power boosters.  I have available to me two DCS50 units in good condition, which I'd like to utilize; they will each feed two sections of a PM42, for the moment, until such time as Santa delivers solid state power management.  Here's my questions:
- does the DCS50 function well as a booster?
- can the built in throttle still be used on the loconet network, for example as a yard throttle?
- are there any things to beware of when doing this?  (i.e. is there a trip speed issue, or other limitation, between the PM42 and the DCS50?) I see nothing useful in the Digitrax literature.
- I think I determined in the past (on the Digitrax list?) that the programming track output of the Zephyr is not usable when configured as a booster, but could someone confirm that?  My CPR operator would like to "do his own thing".

Thanks in advance!
Blair Smith

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