Efficient utilization of aged equipment (Digitrax Specific)


As my RR grows, I find I have need for more booster current than I get from my single DCS100. The expansion plan moves to three boosters (counting the DCS100), plus a location for a fourth. That fourth one is the focus of this email. While it logically is one booster due to location, I could as easily break it's function into two lower power boosters. I have available to me two DCS50 units in good condition, which I'd like to utilize; they will each feed two sections of a PM42, for the moment, until such time as Santa delivers solid state power management. Here's my questions:
- does the DCS50 function well as a booster?
- can the built in throttle still be used on the loconet network, for example as a yard throttle?
- are there any things to beware of when doing this? (i.e. is there a trip speed issue, or other limitation, between the PM42 and the DCS50?) I see nothing useful in the Digitrax literature.
- I think I determined in the past (on the Digitrax list?) that the programming track output of the Zephyr is not usable when configured as a booster, but could someone confirm that? My CPR operator would like to "do his own thing".

Thanks in advance!
Blair Smith

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