Re: PECO Code 100 24 Degree Crossing: Shorting Issue

Jennifer Lobo

I had the same issue. I believe I set OP switch 18 to C (closed) on my DCS51 to extend the short recognition time. It seems to have done the trick. BTW if you reset the DCS51 or command station back to factory defaults OP switch 39 to C you will have to do this again etc.

Geoff Clarke

On Monday, November 11, 2019, 07:25:58 p.m. EST, Daniel Brewer <drbnd@...> wrote:

I installed the Peco Code 100 crossing in an industrial area of my railroad. I've run 5 different brands of new locos through it, and they all short out. I have tested the wiring before, after, and inside the crossing and each rail reads the same on my VOM; ~15 volts. (NCE Command Station, 12Ga wire to all power district NCE Circuit breakers, 14Ga bus, 22Ga feeders, all feeders are correctly wired)

It has been suggested that a Dual Frog Juicer from Tam Valley will cure this shorting issue automatically.

Peco suggested front panel switches to power the route I want to power (jenky). 

Does anyone have a solution to this that would be automatic upon a train's entry into the crossing?

I've even thought of ripping it out and replacing it with two turnouts...ugh

Thanks in advance!


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