PECO Code 100 24 Degree Crossing: Shorting Issue

Daniel Brewer

I installed the Peco Code 100 crossing in an industrial area of my railroad. I've run 5 different brands of new locos through it, and they all short out. I have tested the wiring before, after, and inside the crossing and each rail reads the same on my VOM; ~15 volts. (NCE Command Station, 12Ga wire to all power district NCE Circuit breakers, 14Ga bus, 22Ga feeders, all feeders are correctly wired)

It has been suggested that a Dual Frog Juicer from Tam Valley will cure this shorting issue automatically.

Peco suggested front panel switches to power the route I want to power (jenky). 

Does anyone have a solution to this that would be automatic upon a train's entry into the crossing?

I've even thought of ripping it out and replacing it with two turnouts...ugh

Thanks in advance!


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