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Hello Jerry:

Thanks for the additional information:

So one option would be to power the lights from just one truck. You would still need the "dead" section.

If you want to avoid flickers and have power over the gap you could add 8 diodes, four for each truck. Lets just assume LED lights so we know the current can only flow one way. So the wheels on each side would be routed to two diodes. These diodes would be routed to the appropriate side of the LED lights. The diodes only need to be large enough to carry the LED lights.


On 11/11/2019 12:14 PM, Jerry Michels wrote:
Hi Carl,

Our club is running two-rail HO scale.  Each truck picks up power from the rails.  I am not sure of the circuitry, but all four of the right-hand wheels pick up power as do the left-hand wheels.  Our blocks are in phase with each other, so call this polarity.  This is a DCC system.  In our case, the passenger train is not long enough to reach 3 blocks.  Our problem is that when the lighted cars cross from one block to another, they short.  I like the idea of a diode, I suppose the first thing to do is open one of these cars up and look at the circuit.

Jerry Michels

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