Re: Walthers lighted passenger cars


Hello Chuck:

Thanks for the information.

If you could make the reversing section longer than your longest train would be best, but I figure you have a limit to keep.

Here are my suggestions:

1) Insulate the trucks from the car frame, if not already.

2) Cut in a short block at each end of the reversing block, a bit larger than the passenger trucks. Just let this be dead track, 8cm perhaps.

Your locomotives should be able to bridge these new blocks, and still allow enough space for the passenger trucks to cross with out shorting.

The other option is to insulate all the passenger car wheels. I know metal wheels roll better, could you switch to plastic side frames? Or perhaps insulate the axles from both wheels.

What you don't want is the wheels connecting the rails at the gap when the current is reversed.

Hope this helps.


On 11/10/2019 11:06 PM, Chuck Gevaert wrote:

I am running 2 rail HO. I am not powering lights in my Walthers passenger cars but am trying to run them from one power district to another which includes a reversing circuit. The second district is not long enough to fit the entire train on the reversing circuit so the reversing circuit stops the train. Would installation of a diode on each truck stop the reversing circuit from stopping the train? If so, where do I install the diode and would a 1 amp diode be sufficient?

Thanks for your help.


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