Re: Book on DCC wiring


Thanks for the kind words, Jerry!

I had offered the website as PDF files, but the Supreme Court's decision that I would have to collect sales tax for every state that I shipped to made continuing this service impractical. 

All is not lost. I do intend to create an eBook that I would sell through services that currently offer eBooks (like Amazon) and let them collect the sales tax.  I just can't say when I will complete this.  My website is about 600 printed pages - more than any current DCC book that I am aware of - so I have a huge project ahead of me.

I have software that will create PDF's with hyperlinks.  So you will have the advantage of having my eBook on your computer and being able to jump around the book like you can do on a web page.

Stay tuned!  I'll announce the book here on the Q&A forum.  Stay tuned, just don't hold your breath waiting! :)

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