Re: Switch8 Mk2& Button Board Issues

Dennis DeGroff

Hey Don. Thanks for the reply. I have been working with the NCE Tech
Support person in New York for a number of weeks and we have not been able
to eliminate the issues. I have signed up for the NCEDCC group and have put
the message out to them once I am approved by the moderator. I added some
more information on my wiring to that as noted below.

My wiring is with 22 gage wire for connecting the SW8 to the BB, from the
switches to the BB, and from the Tortoise Machines to the led's and SW8. My
longest run from the switches to the BB is around 6' and the SW8 and BB are
within 12" or less on all the SW8/BB combinations (I have twisted the wire
pairs from the switches to the BB). I have twisted the wire from the
terminal block connected to the 12v DC Power Supply out to the various SW8's
(one leg goes to 2 SW8/BB and the other leg goes to 4 SW8/BB. I have a
total of 41 Tortoise switches, 41 SPST switches, and 82 red/green led's
wired into the 6 SW8/BB's.

When applying the separate 12v 5a power supply to the SW8 and switching from
DCC mode to DC on the SW8, the switches do not work. If I move the switch
from DC to DCC and back to DC, then the switches work. Disconnecting the dc
power from the SW8 puts the control panel back to not working. Either
moving the SW8 switch or removing the dc adaptor from the SW8 and replacing
it into the socket, then the panel works. Should the SW8 remember its
status if power is removed? I can't believe a person has to switch the SW8
DC/DCC switch every time power is removed from the layout.

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thanks for your help. Dennis

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You might ask the SW8/BB question on the NCE group but many of those same
folks are also here.
Be sure to avoid long distance wires between the actual PBs and the Button
Board. Those wires can be sensitive to noise pickup. Ditto between the BB
and SW8.
Let us know what you find.

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