Switch8 Mk2& Button Board Issues

Dennis DeGroff

Hey everyone.  I am wiring my control panels with six (6) NCE Switch8 Mark2/Button Boards in conjunction with SPST Switches and LED red/green lights and Tortoise Turnout Switches.  I have been successfully running the SW8 on my Digitrax DCC system for over 6 months without a problem.  In adding the Button Boards to have a manual switches on the control panels (I have 7 small panels distributed around the layout), however, I am having issues with the panels working consistently.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

In order to reduce the power the SW8/BB is taking from the DCC Track Power, I have added a 12v 5a DC Power Supply to terminal block/wiring out to the various control panels and continue to experience the same issues.  When hooking the 12v DC adaptor directly to one of the SW8 input, most of the time I have to move the DC/DCC switch on the SW8 from DC to DCC and back to DC for the switches to work (this is with no DCC power to the SW8 unit).  It's almost like the unit forgets it is in DC mode.  

I watched Larry Puckett's DCC Guy YouTube on the Switch8 / Button Board video and thought his suggestion of putting a separate power supply to the SW8 units to be a good idea and would take care of my issues.  Unfortunately, it has not.  Are there subtle wiring tricks I need to be aware of?  Should a 12v 5a power supply be able to power all 6 SW8/BB units, as well as the 41 Tortoise Switch Machines and 82 led located on the various panels I have on the layout?

If you have installed the SW8/BB units to your control panels and have similar issues and have some suggestions on how I can eliminate the problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Or if you just have suggestions or questions, please let me know.  I am at a dead end and don't know where to go from here! 

Dennis DeGroff, Fort Wayne, IN

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