Re: Book on DCC wiring

vincent marino

Best place to educate yourself is to search DCC wiring on you tube. So much good information there. Just decide what you think the best way to approach it for your capability and strengths. Come to the group with questions once you familiarize yourself with the different methods. Since your benchwork is started I would definitely get your design three steps ahead of where you are right now. Otherwise you'll be dismantling it. I speak from experience. Good luck

On Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 1:40 PM monty cunningham <lamont7777@...> wrote:
Sort of new to DCC.  Older and retired and building for the first time a larger layout in spare bedroom.  Have benchwork half done.  Maybe I should think about wiring.  My only experience with DCC is a 5' X 4' layout using NCE with simple wiring. 
My question being what is a good book on wiring for someone with limited experience.

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