Re: Protecting bus to feeder connections


There's a spring-style stripper you can get that will strip the wire and push it aside just far enough to solder a feeder to. The one I use has multiple holes for the various gauges of wire. I've tried the "automatic" styles and have been disappointed with them. The insulation will actually be compressed with this tool, so after you make the connection it may creep back up tight. That will help protect your connection, but it's not a big deal if it doesn't. A 3" or so offset has been all I've needed to keep bus wires from shorting.

If you can't avoid having some connections close to each other, liquid electrical tape or even just normal tape can protect them. A wrap of electrical tape on either side of the T'd wire should be good enough to protect things for a long time.

If you're soldering, remember a good physical connection turns into a good soldered connection. I usually use solid wire and wrap my feeders around it so that they're tight, then flux and solder.


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