Re: Computer Power Supply and Turnout Problems


Hi Wayne,

There several ways to check it out. However, which is "better" depends n just how it has been implemented. Is it all in a nice case with just two wires for the output, or is it sort of strung around here and there? The quickest way might be to look in whatever outside box it is in and see if it is the usual PC power supply case with a bunch of wires coming out. If it is, then look for a physically large resistor hooked between a couple of the wires, and try to read any markings on it. Then if the marks show the value, do a quick V/R calculation. Without seeing the unit, or a part number, or a schematic, I would hesitate to say anything else. Maybe if you had an AC ammeter, measure the input and see if it is pulling about 250mA,on the AC input.

The easier way, if you are not into all of that is get a 1 amp wall wart for 12 volts and use that. The torti do not require precision voltage. Their speed will vary with the volts, but they get there. If you are not switching a bunch at once, all should be fine. Otherwise, spring for a 12 volt, 3 amp supply.


Mike G.

On 10/7/2019 4:56 PM, Wayne Swearingen wrote:
I had read on that which is why I went the route of a pre-made device. With the home-built custom job computer power supplies I had seen where they say to put a phantom load. I assumed I was getting away from that with a pre-made device, How do you suppose one would go about testing that? 


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