Re: DCC Bus distribution and snubbers question


Well, so far, no answer from Ross.
From others, an unknown scale 10 miles in length reports no problems, and an N scaler tells me to reduce my gauge and use OFHC copper, and I won't have problems.

Four engine consists in HO meeting four engine consists in HO means I won't be reducing my primary bus gauge.

As for OFHC, point me at some objective measurements and reasoned arguments, please, because I'm not believing yet.

I reviewed my blocking, and rearranged a few to reduce the number of transitions between circuit breaker sections a bit. I also reviewed the mainline, and my loading estimates aren't changing. So I'll proceed with my plans and insert snubbers when I can prove electrical disturbance using an oscilloscope, which I fortunately have.

Ross, when you've had a chance, please get back to me with some feedback.

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