DCC Bus distribution and snubbers question


I'm planning my DCC layout for my Algoma Central at this time.  I have located three boosters, each at the root of the three peninsulas.  Each Booster will feed quad current limiters, either PM42s or something more recent.  However, each limiter's output will feed multiple bus segments(e.g. one bus on the upper peninsula, one on the lower, each fed by the same limiter).  As each of those runs will exceed 30', I am wondering if I need an RC snubber at the end of each, or should I put one at the output of the limiter, before we fan out to both runs?
In the grand schema, we have 34 sections of bus to be fed; in some cases a limiter will feed up to four segments of track, so if I have to put a snubber on each long run, the current drain will become significant, I think.  
Is it correct that I need to snub each long run, or is it effective to put a single snubber at the base of the branches?

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