Re: DCC Wiring Problem on a Small N Scale Layout

Don Vollrath

You DO have a DCC decoder in the test loco... right??
1. Use a separate piece of track wired directly to the DCC bus according to the NCE instructions for wiring it up and make sure you can control the loco as expected using your NCE PowerCab. If this doesn't work review your wiring of the Power Cab system and make sure you are addressing the loco with the correct DCC loco address. (see #2) If #1 works then the problem is somewhere in your layout track connections, etc. So...
2. Use a voltmeter and measure the AC voltage across the track section where the loco does not respond to DCC commands. There should be 10-16 Vac as measured on the track (the DCC power). Work your way out from the PowerCab Panel and make sure you have the Power Cab plugged into the correct RJ connector and are using the correct curly vs flat cord.


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