Re: Wiring for DCC Update Announcemen

Gary Chudzinski


On your website, “Wiring for DCC, Cutting Power to Yard or Roundhouse Tracks,” you state the following:  “Radio Shack carried a 12 position rotary switch, but it was only rated for 300mA. It might work for a while, but eventually may fail due to pitting of the contacts when used at higher currents”

In the smaller scales, where the locomotive draw current less, would it not be helpful to install capacitor(s), maybe  .01 - .05 ufd, across the contacts of a rotary switch?  Seems like I read something about this year’s ago that it can reduce/eliminate contact arcing, which causes pitting.  Or, am I mistaken about this procedure or capacitor value?  Maybe having a senior moment????

Enjoy your website....great information for the DCC learning curve!

Gary Chudzinski

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