Re: Controlling power (0n/Off) in Staging Yard Tracks

Paul O <pomilian@...>

Bob, for every track (or group of tracks), isolate one rail on both ends of the track you want to control; insert a SPST switch in series with the isolated track(s) and the proper  bus leg for that rail.

Paul O

On Aug 3, 2019, at 6:17 PM, Bob Miller <cajonpass1995@...> wrote:

I have two 8 track staging yards at either end of my point to point layout. The main line run between the 2 yards is approximately 90 to 100 feet. Each staging yard is its own block and the main line is dividing into 6 blocks.

Question 1: Is it advisable to wire each track in staging yards so that power can be switched on and off, e.g. to permit arrival or departure of train, but eliminate the electrical draw while the track is empty or a train has completed its run.

Question 2: If this approach is advisable, what is the best way to wire the tracks? and could SPST toggles be used?

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