Re: Controlling power (0n/Off) in Staging Yard Tracks

george hohon3

I have basically have the same set-up and wanted to have the same control on each of the tracks.  I am very happy with my decision to use a multiple position rotary switch for this.  I have 12 tracks in two staging areas and use two 12 position switches for on/off power control in each area.  Why 12 position switches?  Each rotary switch actually controls 6 different tracks and I only use every other switch position for power.  That way, I'm only one click away from an "off" position.

One staging yard is low enough so I can actually see a power indicating LEDs place between the rails.  On the upper shelf, the power indicating LEDs were placed on a "control board" for viewing.  I have photos if you'd like to see them.

A side benefit of the rotary switches is less clutter on the fascia.  Two rotary switches verses 12 toggle switches.


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Subject: [w4dccqa] Controlling power (0n/Off) in Staging Yard Tracks
I have two 8-track staging yards on my layout, one at each of the point to point mainline of about 100 feet in length. Each staging yard is its own power block.

I would like to be able to turn the power on each staging track on and off as needed and am looking for suggestions on the best way to wire them.

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